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HCP Tributary Committe

Habitat Conservation Plan Tributary Committee

Through the Habitat Conservation Plan Tributary Fund, Public Utility District No. 1 of Douglas County will be able to assist in the protection and restoration of critical habitat for plan species.  The fund has been established to off-set for two percent of the impacts to migratory fish (both juvenile and or adult) at Wells Dam.  The area these funds can be used in include those waters of the Columbia River from Wells Dam upstream to Chief Joseph Dam including the tributaries in between.  This includes the Methow and Okanogan basins.  Waters that are part of the Okanogan basin in British Columbia will be considered when measures will aid in helping sockeye salmon. 

Decisions on funding restoration projects will be made through the Tributary Committee, comprised of representatives of the fisheries agencies, Colville Confederated Tribes and Douglas PUD that have signed the Wells HCP.  The Tributary Committee will solicit proposals for restoration projects from local conservation groups and private land owners.  Application forms, instructions for proposals and deadlines for applications are available through the Application Form link.   

As of January 1, 2005, the Wells Tributary fund has over $2.2 million available for projects.  There will not be any further contribution into these funds until 2010, when the annual contribution will be $176,178.00 in 1998 dollars.  Additional information about the Tributary Fund and tributary restoration programs can be found in Section 7 of the Wells HCP.

For more information, please contact Tom Kahler at (509) 881-2322 or Rick Klinge at (509) 881-2244.

Tributary Fund Policies

Tributary Fund Project Application Forms: