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News Release - 9/10/2012

Douglas PUD Commission Meeting Report

Douglas County PUD Commissioners Ron Skagen, Jim Davis and Lynn Heminger executed the following actions during the September 10, 2012 Commission meeting held at the District’s Bridgeport office:

Authorized amendment No. 3 to Professional Service Agreement with Commonwealth Associates, Inc. under RFQ 10-13-D, consulting engineering services for Douglas-Rapids 230 kV Transmission Line Project. The original cost estimate will not be adequate to complete the project. The Douglas Rapids 230 kV line will be an extension of the Douglas Rapids 230 kV line. It would be most efficient and effective to continue the consulting agreement with the contractors as the design of structures and other equipment will be similar between both projects. This amendment increases the not to exceed limit $1,523,867 bringing the total not to exceed limit to $2,465,376. (12-145)

Approved amendment No. 6 to professional service agreement with Harris Northstar for Customer Information System (CIS) replacement (09-13-D).  The amendment adds customization for District needs at a cost of $400, raising the not to exceed limit to $274,520. (12-146)

Authorized signal transport agreement with Discovery Communications, LLC, Animal Planet, LLC, Discovery Health Ventures, LLC, HUB Television Networks, LLC and OWN, LLC.   These agreements are required by most networks to receive and transport the signal over the Douglas County Community Network. (12-147)

Approved addendum No. 1 to bid document 12-16-W, Expansion of Douglas Switchyard. The pre-bid walk through with potential bidders revealed necessary clarifications to the bid document. (12-148)

Authorized negotiation of professional service agreement with Jacobs Engineering Group, Inc. to provide consulting engineering services for the Wells Hydroelectric Project. This approval is the result of an evaluation that occurs every three years. The agreement concludes October 3, 2015. (12-149)

Approved the acceptance of an engagement letter with KPMG LLP for the audit of the Wells Hydroelectric Project fiscal year ended August 31, 2012. KPMG LLP has provided Douglas PUD with consistent certified public accounting services. (12-150)

Authorized execution of Department of the Army easement for electric pole line located on Chief Joseph Dam Project. Necessary to serve the Chief Joseph Dam gaging station. (12-151)

Approved access and utility easement agreement with the City of Bridgeport for the sewer treatment plant. (12-152)

Heard a report on the bid opening for bid document 12-08-W, replace hydraulic switch operators at Douglas Switchyard and Wells Dam.

Rescheduled the November 12, 2012 Commission Meeting to November 13, 2012 due to the Veterans Day Holiday observation. It will be held at 1:30 p.m. in the Bridgeport office.

The next meeting of the Commission is scheduled for 2:00 p.m. September 17, 2012 at the District’s East Wenatchee Headquarters office.