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News Release - 6/4/2012

Douglas PUD Commission Meeting Report

Douglas County PUD Commissioners Ron Skagen, Jim Davis and Lynn Heminger executed the following actions during the June 4, 2012 Commission meeting held at the District’s East Wenatchee Headquarters office:

Held the first of two public hearings on the proposed electric rate adjustment.  No one from the public was present and no written comments have been received. The next hearing is scheduled for 1:30 p.m. June 11, 2012 at the Bridgeport office.

Approved amendment No. 5 to professional service agreement with Harris Northstar for Customer Information System (CIS) replacement (09-13-D).  The amendment improves billing information and appearance of District Statements at a cost of $600, raising the not to exceed limit to $274,120. (12-090)

Authorized renewal with AEGIS for Western Interconnected Electric Systems excess liability coverage. The renewal premium of $2,100 reflects a fifty percent decrease from last year. (12-091)

Awarded Hale and Long General Contractors, Inc. contract 12-09-D, design and build concrete communication building. Hale and Long, with a bid price of $ 161,150, was the lowest responsive bidder. (12-092)

Awarded Hurst Construction, LLC. contract 12-10-W, Peninsula Park swim area improvements.  Hurst Construction, with a bid price of $ 65,800, was the lowest responsive bidder. (12-093)

Authorized agreement for professional services with Biomark, Inc. regarding 2012 Sub-Yearling Chinook Life History Study for the Wells Hydroelectric Project. Biomark, Inc. will be responsible for PIT tagging 20,000 sub-yearling Chinook salmon at a cost not-to-exceed $146,087. (12-094)

The next meeting of the Commission is scheduled for 1:30 p.m. June 11, 2012 at the District’s Bridgeport office.