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News Release - 1/4/2010

Douglas PUD Commission Meeting Report

Douglas County PUD Commissioners Jim Davis, Lynn Heminger and Ron Skagen executed the following actions during the January 4, 2010 Commission meeting held at the East Wenatchee Headquarters office:

Authorized District Attorneys to institute and prosecute an action for acquisition by condemnation of certain real property and interests in real property necessary for the operation and maintenance of the Wells Hydroelectric Property.  (10-001)

Approved acceptance of all work performed by Hale and Long General Contractors under contract for South Nile to Rapids Steel Pole Footings.  All work under the contract has been completed and determined to meet specifications. (10-002)

Authorized an agreement for professional services with DevelopmentNow for website design and support.  This agreement has a not to exceed cost of $20,000 and will expire December 31, 2010. (10-003)

Approved a change to Section 4 of Customer Service Policy, Deposits.  Changes include lower interest rate on deposits, additional $150 deposit after one year of unsatisfactory credit and no more interest earned on deposits that have been held for two years. (10-004)

Authorized cooperative agreement for monitoring and evaluation of hatchery programs with State of Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife.  This contract is not to exceed $829,877 in 2010, and will conclude June 30, 2013. (10-005)

Approved a professional service agreement with Marsh USA, Inc. This contract is not to exceed $63,500 in 2010 and will terminate in 2014. (10-006)

Approved a change in the District’s travel reimbursement policy (Administrative Bulletin 5.13) to reflect changes in the Internal Revenue Service approved mileage rate for 2010. (10-007)

The next meeting of the Commission is scheduled for 1:30 p.m. January 11, 2010 at the District’s Bridgeport office.