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News Release - 12/3/2007

Douglas PUD Commission Meeting Report

Douglas County PUD Commissioners Lynn Heminger and Ron Skagen executed the following actions during the December 3, 2007 Commission meeting held at the East Wenatchee Headquarters office:

Opened bids for bid document 07-41-W, Twisp River fish trap weir modifications. The apparent low bid was received from MRM Construction Inc. of Ellensburg at $343,516. The bids will be evaluated prior to award recommendation.

Conducted a hearing for the 2007 Update to the Integrated Resource Planning Study. No one being present with questions regarding the study and having received no other form of comment, Commissioner Heminger declared the hearing closed.

Approved the adoption of a 2007 Update to the Integrated Resource Planning Study.  The Integrated Resource Plan evaluates the full range of energy alternatives, including generation capacity, power purchases, energy conservation, energy efficiency and renewable energy resources in order to provide adequate and reliable service to customers at the lowest system cost. (07-342)

Authorized change order No. 2 to contract 07-07-D, installation of underground primary cable and conduit. Due to additional customer work, this change order will increase the not to exceed limit $50,000, bringing the total not to exceed limit to $650,000. (07-343)

Approved the acceptance of all work performed by WEG Electric Motors Corporation working under contract 06-37-D, Pangborn 115/13.2 kV substation transformers.  All work under the contract has been completed and determined to meet the bid specifications. (07-344)

Authorized a change order to contract 07-31-W, Headquarters building auditorium revisions. The changes include revised duct size, removal of unused plumbing and replacement of air duct.  After this $17,668 change the total not to exceed amount is $161,873. (07-345)

Approved amendment No. 1 to the agreement for professional services with LGL Limited for 2005-2008 bull trout telemetry study at the Wells Hydroelectric Project.  Additional work has been added to the scope of the project increasing the not to exceed limit $30,000 bringing the total not to exceed limit to $323,852. (07-346)

Authorized issuance of a purchase order to PowerWorld Corporation for Power System Simulation Software (RFP 07-37-W).  This software will be used in system studies, planning and System Operator training.  (07-347)

Approved purchase of an on-line electric system simulator training product from System Operations for Success International, a sole source. To remain in compliance with National Electric Reliability Council standards, System Operators need ongoing training to maintain their credentials as Certified System Operators. (07-348)

Authorized an agreement for professional services with WEST Consultants, Inc. for development of a water temperature model for the Wells Hydroelectric Project.  (07-349)

The next meeting of the Commission is scheduled for 1:30 p.m. December 10, 2007 at the District’s Bridgeport office.