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News Release - 5/21/2007

Douglas PUD Commission Meeting Report

Douglas County PUD Commissioners Lynn Heminger, Ron Skagen and Jim Davis executed the following actions during the May 21, 2007 Commission meeting held at the East Wenatchee Headquarters building:

Opened bids submitted for bid document 07-20-D, transport and placement of communication buildings. One bid was received from Cusic Construction. The bid will be evaluated prior to a recommendation.

Opened bids submitted for bid document  07-22-D, Eastmont Communication Building to Douglas Switchyard and Briarwood Subdivision fiber backbone installation.  The apparent low bid was received from North Sky Communication, Inc. The bids will be evaluated prior to a recommendation for contract award.

Authorized change order No. 1 to contract 06-52-D, 24 count fiber optic cable. The contractor shipped an additional 16,130 feet of cable, which will be used to meet District needs. This change order will increase the not to exceed limit $9,678 bringing the total not to exceed limit to $204,678. (07-152)

Approved change order No. 1 to contract 06-54-D, Pangborn Substation light poles and 115 kV receiving structures.  Changes include modifications to receiving structures and light poles for additional weight and mounting equipment for security cameras.  This change order will increase the not to exceed limit $8,323.71 bringing the total not to exceed limit to $73,888.71. (07-153)

Authorized negotiation with Leverage Information Systems, under request for proposals 07-17-D, upgrade network equipment.  New equipment is needed to support the Douglas County Community Network. (07-154)

Approved acceptance of a subdivision power facilities agreement for Butkivich Short Plat. The developer, Premium Developments, has paid the contribution in aid of construction and provided a cash deposit in the total amount of $11,804. (07-155)

Established a hearing for proposed changes to the Line Extension Policy.  Those proposed changes can be found on the District’s website (www.douglaspud.org), at any District office or the City Hall in Waterville. The Public Hearing date is set for June 4, 2007 at 2:00 p.m. in the East Wenatchee Headquarters building. Anyone wishing to comment on the changes may do so in writing prior to that time or by attending the hearing in person. (07-156)

Declared Allen-Bradley, Inc. the sole source for programmable logic controllers and variable frequency drives for the Wells Hydroelectric Project. This equipment must integrate with previously purchased Allen-Bradley equipment at the Wells Hydroelectric Project. (07-157)

Awarded Toshiba International Corporation of Englewood, CO, contract 06-41-W, generator rebuild and unit refurbishment for the Wells Hydroelectric Project. Toshiba, with a bid price of $151,100,000 was the lowest responsive bidder. (07-158)

Approved a call for bids under bid document 07-26-W, Wells Hatchery surface water intake modifications. A new water intake system is necessary to meet the requirements set forth in the Biological Opinion issued by the National Marine Fisheries Service. The Biological Opinion is the basis for the Service’s approval of the Wells Project Habitat Conservation Plan and the permit for continued operations under the Endangered Species Act. (07-159)

Authorized approval of land use permit 337-03 for Wells Tract 337.  This permit will allow landscaping and a boat dock on District property. (07-160)

Approved land use permit 1000-1 for Wells Tract 1000.  This permit will allow an irrigation intake on District property. (07-161)

The next meeting of the Commission is scheduled for 2:00 p.m. May 29, 2007 at the District’s East Wenatchee Headquarters building.