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News Release - 6/12/2006

Douglas PUD Commission Meeting Report

Douglas County PUD Commissioners Mike Doneen and Jim Davis executed the following actions during the June 12, 2006 Commission meeting held at the Bridgeport Office:

Adopted modifications to Administrative Bulletin 4.27, retirement of unused lines and services. Maintenance of unused lines is costly. However, lack of maintenance can create hazards. Therefore, abandoned de-energized lines, with no minimum charge being paid and no foreseen future use, will be removed.

Approved acceptance of a subdivision power facilities agreement for Columbia Circle Subdivision. The developer, Kevin Gates, has paid the Contribution in Aid of Construction and provided a cash deposit in the total amount of $50,848.

Declared certain Douglas PUD items of property as surplus and authorized the sale of those materials by auction. Items range from vehicles and computer accessories to welding electrodes and vacuum cleaners. The sale, handled by the Northwest Auction Service, is scheduled for Saturday, June 24 at the Chelan County Road Department located off Easy Street in Sunnyslope.

Authorized additional work associated with the local agency agreement with the Washington State Department of Transportation for the Wells Hydroelectric Project and Starr Boat Launch road improvements. The additional work will pave the RV parking area near the Wells Hydroelectric Project Overlook.

Approved the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife 2006-2007 supplemental budget for the Wells Wildlife Area. The budget request was for $104,550, which is a three percent increase from last year.

Authorized a call for bids under bid document 06-33-W, tailrace and forebay debris removal for the Wells Hydroelectric Project. To maintain efficient and safe operation of the Wells Hydroelectric Project, accumulated debris needs to be removed.

Canceled the regular meeting scheduled for July 3, 2006.