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News Release - 11/7/2005

Douglas PUD Commission Meeting Report

Douglas County PUD Commissioners Mike Doneen, Jim Davis and Lynn Heminger executed the following actions during the November 7, 2005 Commission meeting held at the East Wenatchee Headquarters building:

Authorized execution of an agreement for professional electrical engineering services with Commonwealth Associates, Inc. (05-250)

Approved an execution of an interlocal cooperative agreement with the City of East Wenatchee. Due to a City of East Wenatchee road project, utilities will need to be relocated. This agreement will coordinate utility work in the City of East Wenatchee’s road project bid package. (05-251)

Rejected the bid to provide Douglas PUD with a Headquarters chiller replacement. The bid received for the contract exceeded the engineer’s estimate by more than the amount allowable under state law. (05-252)

Established a temporary administrative position of Assistant Operations Supervisor – Wells. (05-253)

Adopted an amendment to Douglas PUD’s 401(a) Deferred Compensation Plan. The amendment will bring the District into compliance with IRS regulations. (05-255)

Acting as the Board of the Electric Utility Rural Economic Development Revolving Fund, considered $105,428 in requests from 11 Douglas County entities. According to RCW 82.16, Douglas PUD is able to receive a revenue tax credit in the amount of $25,000 when it provides funding to rural communities for projects “designed to achieve job creation or business retention, to add or upgrade non-electrical infrastructure, to add or upgrade health and safety facilities, to accomplish energy and water use efficiency improvements, including renewable energy development, or to add or upgrade emergency services” up to a maximum of $50,000. The Board of the Electric Utility Rural Economic Development Revolving Fund approved the following eight grants: City of Bridgeport: $2,985 to install backup generator for water supply pumping Douglas County: $2,506 to replace windows in the Douglas County Courthouse Douglas County Fire District 1: $5,373 for a portable repeater, pagers and gasoline powered fan Douglas County Fire District 3: $9,211 to outfit wildland and structure fire fighters and EMTs Douglas County Fire District 5: $12,793 to build a wildland brush truck Douglas County Fire District 8: $1,780 to equip a wildland brush truck Douglas County Hospital District 2: $2,559 for a new x-ray developer Douglas/Okanogan County Fire District 15: $12,793 to purchase AMKUS rescue equipment