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News Release - 5/31/2005

Douglas PUD Commission Meeting Report

Douglas County PUD Commissioners Jim Davis and Lynn Heminger executed the following actions during the May 31, 2005 Commission meeting held at the East Wenatchee Headquarters building:

Opened bids to provide Douglas PUD with wood poles for the O’Malley 34.5 KV Project phase two. There were two bids received for the contract with bid prices at $187,881 and $224,774. The apparent low bid was received from Bell Lumber Pole Company of New Brighton, MN. Estimated to cost $186,245, all bids will be evaluated prior to recommendation.

Authorized a call for bids to provide Douglas PUD with a new substation transformer. A transformer is needed at a substation being developed in the Withrow area. (05-120)

Approved a call for bids to provide Douglas PUD with a communications dock crew to assist District crews with communications projects. (05-121)

(05-120)Established a new administrative position of Assistant Distribution System Engineer. This position will create, monitor and update long range and construction plans and in conjunction with the System Engineer, coordinate all substation design and maintenance. (05-122)

Authorized an Agreement for Professional Services with Jon Vognild. Mr. Vognild has a talent for scenic photography and will take pictures thorough out Douglas County for District use. This contract shall not to exceed $3,300 for 2005. The agreement can be extended for an additional year with the same terms and conditions and a not to exceed limit for 2006 of $5,400. (05-123)

Approved acceptance and final payment of all work performed by G.L. Palm of Winthrop under contract to provide Douglas PUD with diversion structure modifications for the Twisp River acclimation pond. All work under the contract has been completed and determined to meet the bid specifications. (05-124)

Authorized an addendum to the bid document to rebuild Generator Unit No. 1 for the Wells Hydroelectric Project. The pre-bid conference with potential bidders revealed additional time was needed for preparation of accurate and competitive bids. The addendum will postpone the bid opening to July 5, 2005. (05-125)

Approved request for statements of qualifications for engineering services for Withrow Water’s Community Development Block Grant. A professional engineer is needed to provide engineering services from design through construction observation. (05-126)

Awarded Bell Lumber Pole Company, of New Brighton, MN, a contract to provide Douglas PUD with wood poles for the O’Malley 34.5 KV Project phase two. Bell Lumber Pole Company, with a bid price of $187,881, was the lowest responsive bidder. (05-127)