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News Release - 5/16/2005

Douglas PUD Commission Meeting Report

Douglas County PUD Commissioners Mike Doneen, Jim Davis, and Lynn Heminger executed the following actions during the May 16, 2005 Commission meeting held at the East Wenatchee Headquarters building:

Authorized execution of contract with CanMap Systems to improve and support the electrical distribution mapping and work order system. This contract will conclude on January 1, 2007. (05-106)

Approved a rate adjustment for the Professional Services Agreement with RH2 Engineering. This agreement allows for the fee schedule to be negotiated annually to reflect any increase in the cost of doing business. (05-107)

Authorized a change order for the contract with G.L. Palm to provide Douglas PUD with modifications to the Twisp River Weir / Sill. This resolution will extend the terms of the contract through July 31, 2005. (05-108)

Approved an agreement for professional services with Columbia Basin Environmental for evaluation of total dissolved gas related to the Wells Hydroelectric Project. In hopes of minimizing the total dissolved gas at Wells Dam, the information collected will be compared with spill gate and power house operations to see if there is a correlation. This contract is not to exceed $14,869.75. (05-109)

Approved the execution of a local agency agreement for state advertising and award agreement with the Washington State Department of Transportation. The 2002 Recreation Acton Plan calls for the construction of turn lanes at the entrance to Wells Hydroelectric Project and the Starr Boat Launch on US Highway 97. WSDOT has agreed to be the lead for the project by designing, bidding, managing, building, and inspecting the proposed project. (05-110)

Authorized a call for bids to replace hoisting ropes on the 300-ton and 450-ton gantry cranes for the Wells Hydroelectric Project. The annual inspection performed on the cranes in November of 2004 recommended the wire ropes of both cranes be replaced due to the age and rate of deterioration. (05-111)