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News Release - 1/10/2005

Douglas PUD Commission Meeting Report

Douglas County PUD Commissioners Jim Davis, Lynn Heminger and Mike Doneen executed the following actions during the January 10, 2005 Commission meeting held at the East Wenatchee Headquarters building:

Presented Wildlife Biologist Jim McGee with his twenty-five year service award. Commissioner Doneen thanked Jim for his many years of devoted service to keeping the lights on and the rates low. “This is very appreciated, thank you. When I started as a temporary employee, I never expected to be here 25 years later,” said McGee.

Approved the acceptance of all work performed by Pole Maintenance Company working under contract to provide Douglas County PUD with pole testing and treating. All work under the contract has been completed and determined to meet the bid specifications. Douglas PUD will execute the option to extend the contract for an additional one-year period. (05-07)

Approved the acceptance of materials received from Platt Electric working under contract to provide Douglas PUD customer edge equipment for the Douglas County Community Network. All materials under the contract have been received and meet the bid specifications. (05-08)

Authorized the District to enter into an agreement with an Internet payment processor. This agreement is an initial step to allow customer to process payments via the Internet. (05-09)

Amended the total sale price of surplus anemometers which were sold to Klickitat County PUD. (05-10)

Approved an amendment to the agreement for recreational/landscape planning and architectural services with the DOH Associates, P.S. The initial contract provided funding for the planning and a portion of the facility design for the Wells Recreation Action Plan. This resolution will increase the not to exceed level to $200,000 allowing for design and preparation of bid documents. (05-11)

Authorized an agreement with Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife for the 2005 Methow Natural Production Assessment. This agreement will combine the Methow Spring Chinook and Wells Hatchery Steelhead assessments. The contract is not to exceed $456,480. (05-12)

Authorized a professional services agreement with Dr. John Skalski for 2005 for the Wells Hydroelectric Project. Dr. Skalski will assist with data management, design, review and analysis of environmental and relicensing studies, ongoing analysis of present and future fish tagging studies and posting adult and will publish juvenile salmonid migrational data on the University of Washington DART system. (05-13)