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News Release - 12/13/2004

Douglas PUD Commission Meeting Report

Douglas County PUD Commissioners Jim Davis, Lynn Heminger and Mike Doneen executed the following actions during the December 13, 2004 Commission meeting held at the Bridgeport Office:

Approved the acceptance of materials received from Western States Electric, Inc. working under contract to provide Douglas PUD with 336 ACSR conductor for the O’Malley 34.5 KV Project. All materials under the contract have been received and meet the bid specifications. (04-267)

Authorized a Professional Services Agreement with Badger Mountain Productions. Douglas PUD has a need to document District activities on an ongoing basis. Badger Mountain Productions has been providing video documentation for several years and has a good knowledge of District operations. This contract shall not exceed $130,000. (04-268)

Approved acceptance of a subdivision power facilities agreement for Springhill Subdivision. The developer, Allen Jessup, has paid the contribution in aid of construction and a cash deposit in the total amount of $61,704. (04-269)

Authorized acceptance and final payment to Thompson Metal Fab, Inc. under contract to provide Douglas PUD with a removable bulkhead for the Wells Hydroelectric Project. All work under the contract has been completed and determined to meet the bid specifications. (04-270)

Approved inter-fund loans from the Electric Distribution System to the Wells Project and a revolving note of the Wells Project in evidence of such loans. These loans will intermediately cover the costs of relicensing the Wells Hydroelectric Project until bonds are issued to cover those costs. (04-271)

Authorized a change order for the contract with G.L. Palm Construction to supply Douglas PUD with diversion structure modifications for the Twisp River acclimation pond. This resolution will extend the contract to February 1, 2005. (04-272)

Authorized Douglas PUD’s participation in certain line items for the Public Generating Pool budget for 2005. Douglas PUD shares the cost of the 2005 budget for consulting and other general expenses. (04-273)