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News Release - 8/23/2004

Douglas PUD Commission Meeting Report

Douglas County PUD Commissioners Jim Davis, Lynn Heminger and Mike Doneen executed the following actions during the August 23, 2004 Commission meeting held at the East Wenatchee Headquarters building:

Approved the acceptance of materials received from McFarland Cascade working under contract to provide Douglas PUD with wood poles for the Strahl Canyon project. All materials under the contract have been received and meet the bid specifications. (04-168)

Authorized acceptance of a subdivision power facilities agreement for Fair View Ridge – Stoneridge Drive. The developer, Carl Cunningham, has paid the Contribution in Aid of Construction and provided a secured funds account in the total amount of $31,544. (04-169)

Approved participation in an agreement for Douglas County PUD to provide training opportunities to Ferry County PUD. This agreement will allow a Ferry County PUD apprentice lineman to gain experience working with energized circuits. There is no financial obligation to the District. (04-170)

Approved a wind testing lease and option agreement with Allen and Ethel Badten covering 1,545 acres with an annual payment of $3,622. (04-171)

Authorized a land use permit for Douglas County Transportation and Land Services. The permit will allow continued maintenance of radio communications equipment at the District’s Dyer Hill radio facility. (04-172)

Approved the 2004 Mid-Columbia Hourly Coordination Budget. Douglas, Grant, Chelan PUDs and Bonneville Power Administration share the expenses of Mid-Columbia Hourly Coordination Central. Douglas PUD pays 18% of those expenses, totaling $95,302 per year. (04-173)

Approved an extension to the building maintenance contract with American Building Maintenance for the East Wenatchee headquarters facility. This will extend the contract through October 1, 2004 to allow completion of the East Wenatchee Headquarters Expansion prior to issuing a new call for bids. (04-174)

Authorized the acceptance of all work performed by Industrial Battery Systems working under contract to provide Douglas County PUD with a battery bank for the Headquarters Addition. All work under the contract has been completed, inspected and determined to meet the bid specifications. (04-175)

Awarded Knight Construction of Deer Park, WA the contract to provide Douglas PUD with replacement pond covers at the Methow Hatchery. Knight Construction, with a bid price of $46,579, was the lowest responsive bidder. (04-176)

Rejected the bids to provide Douglas PUD with modifications to the Twisp River Weir / Sill. The bids received for the contract exceeded the engineer’s estimate by more than the amount allowable under state law. (04-177)

Authorized the acceptance of an engagement letter with KPMG LLP for the fiscal year ended August 31, 2004 audit of the Wells Hydroelectric Project. KPMG LLP has provided Douglas PUD with consistent certified public accounting services. (04-178)

Authorized the establishment of new bank accounts for the Plan Species. The Habitat Conservation Plan requires the District to establish a Plan Species Account. This account will be established with Cashmere Valley Bank. (04-179)

Approved an agreement for professional services with Anchor Environmental, LLC regarding Dr. Mike Schiewe as Chairperson of the Wells Habitat Conservation Plan Coordinating and Hatchery Committees. This contract is not to exceed $100,000. (04-180)

Authorizing an agreement for professional services with Robert Bugert as Chairperson of the Wells Habitat Conservation Plan Tributary Committee. This contract is not to exceed $50,000. (04-181)

Authorized an interlocal cooperation agreement with Grant County PUD with regard to fish rearing. Grant PUD has a need to conduct a PIT-tag survival study at Wanapum and Priest Rapids Dams during the spring of 2005 that would require 120,000 yearling hatchery summer chinook. The Wells Hatchery has the capacity and ability to raise the necessary fish. Grant PUD will reimburse Douglas PUD for all of the applicable rearing, and delivery costs. (04-182)

Granted temporary easement to the Washington State Department of Transportation to divert storm water discharge to lessen impact to District lands. (04-183)