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News Release - 12/15/2003

Douglas PUD Commission Meeting Report

Douglas County PUD Commissioners Jim Davis, Lynn Heminger and Mike Doneen executed the following actions during the December 15, 2003 Commission meeting held at the East Wenatchee Headquarters building:

Opened bids to provide Douglas PUD with excitation system replacement for units one through ten at the Wells Hydroelectric Project. There were four bids received for the contract with bid prices ranging from $2,192,000 to $3,195,000. The lowest bid was received from ABB of Saint Laurent Quebec. Estimated to cost $2,800,000, all bids will be evaluated prior to recommendation.

Conducted a public hearing for questions regarding Local Utility District No. 1 of Douglas County for the Rio Vista Street Assessment Roll. No one being present with questions regarding the assessment and having received no other form of comment, the Commission declared the matter closed and adopted the Roll for 2004 at $21.00 per lot.

Held the budget hearing for the Distribution System. Purchased power for the Distribution System Operating Budget for 2004 is estimated at $23,185,000, up approximately $829,000 from the 2003 estimate. Administration and general expenses are up approximately $343,000 from last year’s estimate and taxes are estimated to increase by approximately $35,500. The Distribution System Capital Budget of $7,345,000 for 2004 is an increase of approximately $172,000 and includes approximately $3.9 million for electric system additions and improvements, $1,340,000 for the Douglas County Community Network, and $2,075,000 for vehicles, structures and equipment. The total revenue estimate of $35,218,000 is an increase of $1,612,000 from the 2003 budget. The 2004 budget does not anticipate any increase in electric rates. The Distribution System Budget was unanimously approved. (03-211)

The most noticeable change from the original draft budget is the increase in the capital budget for the Douglas County Community Network. After researching different technologies, District staff has recommended deploying three different methods of connecting customers to our fiber optic network.

In the East Wenatchee area from Grant Road to 10th Street between James and Kentucky, 627 customers could be connected to the network by stringing fiber to the power pole servicing their home, and then stringing Category 5 copper wire from the pole to the home. This area will be pre engineered to speed up the connection process.

The Mansfield area will be connected to the network by a wireless method. Wireless equipment will be placed in an area in or near Mansfield and multiple connections to the network can be made through radio frequency waves.

The third pilot project is Power Line Carrier in the area from Jennifer to James between 8th and 10th Streets. This technology uses existing power lines as the transmission medium for the network by transmitting radio-frequency energy via the power line.

By trying these different approaches, the District will have a better understanding of which technologies work more efficiently on our network and which are the best suited for the customers of Douglas PUD.

Approved the environmental review for the 2004 Distribution System Budget. As required by the Washington State Environmental Policy Act, all state and local agencies are to consider the environmental values of their actions. (03-210)

Conducted a public hearing for questions regarding sections 6, 17, and 40 of the Electric Distribution System Customer Service Policies. No one being present with questions regarding the revisions and having received no other form of comment, the Commission amended sections 6, 17, and 40 of the Electric Distribution System Customer Service Policies. This resolution changes pricing for optional services and cleans up confusing language in these policies. This is NOT an increase of electric rates. (03-212)

Authorized Davis Wright Tremaine LLP as bond Counsel. The District’s lead bond attorney recently joined the law firm of Davis Wright Termaine LLP in its Seattle Office. (03-213)

Approved the defeasance of a Certain Maturity of the District’s Electric Revenue Bonds, Series 1995. (03-214)

Terminated the joint pole use agreements with Millenium Digital Media Systems and CenturyTel and Quest. This will allow the District to negotiate new agreements to address the problems caused by foreign pole contacts. (03-215 - 03-216)

Authorized the agreement for sale of surplus capacity to Avista Corporation during 2004. These capacity sales will amount to $1,327,500 in revenue for the District. (03-217)

Approved the renewal of professional services agreement with APS Healthcare Northwest, Inc. For several years Douglas PUD has offered the service of an Employee Assistance Program to all employees and their immediate families. The cost to Douglas PUD is $2.54 per employee per month. (03-218)

Authorized flow measurement services and lease of acoustic scintillation flow meter vertical system for Wells Project from ASL AQFlow, Inc., a sole source. Douglas PUD uses an acoustic scintillation flow meter time of travel system for measuring water flow through the Wells Hydroelectric Project turbines. This contract is not to exceed $34,144. (03-219)

Authorized a renewal with Liberty Mutual Insurance Co. The renewal premium for general liability and Washington Stop Gap policies is $129,236 and reflects an increase of $13,705 from 2003 due to market conditions and increased exposure. The renewal premium of $52,971 for the automobile liability policy reflects an increase of $6,616 from 2003. (03-220)

Authorized the renewal of excess liability insurance coverage with AEGIS Insurance Service, Inc. The renewal premium of $256,119 reflects an increase of $30,247 from 2003, due to current market conditions. (03-221)