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News Release - 8/18/2003

Douglas PUD Commission Meeting Report

Douglas County PUD Commissioners Jim Davis, Lynn Heminger and Mike Doneen executed the following actions during the August 18, 2003 Commission meeting held at the East Wenatchee Headquarters building:

Presented Chief Power Dispatcher Jonn Dewitt and Distribution Operations Supervisor Mac McGregor with their twenty-five year service awards. In making these presentations, Commission President Jim Davis thanked Dewitt and McGregor for their many years of dedicated service to the customers of Douglas County. It is nice after 25 years of working here, to still like to come to work each day, Dewitt said. I have enjoyed coming to work all these years, said McGregor.

Approved a call for bids to design, build and install a pier, pilings, and float at Columbia Cove Park in Brewster for Douglas PUD. This project is in compliance with the 1997 Recreation Action Plan Update. (03-132)

Authorized a land use permit for John and Linda Bissett . The permit will allow continued use of an existing dock and landscaping on District property. (03-133)

Approved a land use permit for Joe Ahl. An existing roadway and picnic area will be allowed on District land with this permit. (03-134)

Authorized a land use permit for Robert Dow. This permit will allow continued production of alfalfa, an existing irrigation pump, inlet and electrical panel on District property. (03-135)

Authorized Douglas PUD to proceed with debt refinancing and underwriter selection. With the low level of interest rates, the District has an opportunity to refinance some of its outstanding debt at significant savings. (03-136)

Approved the sale of transformers to Big Bend Electrical Co-operative, Inc. These 161 transformers are obsolete or surplus to the District’s needs. The fair market value is $0.30 per kva. The total kva rating for these transformers is 6,386, which results in the District receiving a total of $1,915.80 from this sale. (03-137)