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News Release - 6/23/2003

Douglas PUD Commission Meeting Report

Douglas County PUD Commissioners Jim Davis, Lynn Heminger and Mike Doneen executed the following actions during the June 23, 2003 Commission meeting held at the East Wenatchee Headquarters building:

Approved the execution of a change order for the contract with Cascade Cable Constructors to provide Douglas PUD with installation of underground primary cable. The change covers newly identified work requiring directional boring. (03-98)

Authorized Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife 2003-2004 supplemental budget for the Wells Wildlife Area. The budget request was for $95,740, which is a three percent increase from last year. (03-99)

Declared an emergency and waived the normal bid law requirement to allow repair of the fire suppression sprinkler system for the East Wenatchee Warehouse. Annual testing of the sprinkler system showed inadequate flow. The system needed to be flushed to remove scale buildup in the pipes to assure adequate protection from fire. Tyco Simplex Grinnell performed the work at a cost of $12,774. (03-100)

Approved an intergovernmental sale of a 1999 Ford F-550, to the City of Bridgeport. The truck was previously declared surplus to the needs of Douglas PUD. The City of Bridgeport will use the truck for emergency services. The agreed upon sale price is $6,000 plus sales tax. (03-101)

Authorized acceptance of a subdivision power facilities agreement for N Plateau, Division 5. The developer, Stimac Construction, has paid the Contribution in Aid of Construction and provided a secured funds account in the total amount of $25,205. (03-102)

Approved a contract extension with LGL Limited regarding the 2001-2002 adult steelhead telemetry study for the Wells Hydroelectric Project. The study and draft report have been completed. Additional time is needed to address complicated data analysis requests for the final report. This resolution will extend the contract to July 31, 2003 with no increase in budget. (03-103)

Authorized amendatory agreement number six to the 1964 Pacific Northwest Coordination Agreement. This resolution will bridge the one month operational gap between the conclusion of the 1964 Pacific Northwest Coordination Agreement and the commencing of the 1997 Pacific Northwest Coordination Agreement. The 1964 Pacific Northwest Coordination Agreement will now conclude on July 31, 2003. (03-104)

Approved an amendatory agreement number one to the 1997 Pacific Northwest Coordination Agreement. The amendment addresses a number of changes since the agreement was originally signed. (03-105)

Authorized a call for bids to provide Douglas PUD with well and pump maintenance for the Wells Hydroelectric Project. Scheduled and unscheduled maintenance work needs to be performed in a timely manner and by a qualified contractor. Therefore, a qualified contractor should be available to provide services when needed. (03-106)