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News Release - 1/21/2003

Douglas PUD Commission Meeting Report

Douglas County PUD Commissioners Lynn Heminger, Mike Doneen and Jim Davis executed the following actions during the January 21, 2003 Commission meeting held at the East Wenatchee Headquarters building:

Authorized acceptance of all work performed by McCandlish Electric, working under contract for traffic control flagging. All work under the contract has been completed and determined to meet the bid specifications. Douglas PUD will opt to extend the contract an additional year. (03-06)

Approved the acceptance of all work preformed by Asplundh Tree Expert Co., working under contract to provide Douglas PUD with distribution tree trimming. Work for the first year of a two-year contract has been completed and determined to meet the bid specifications. (03-07)

Authorized an amendment to the agreement for design and installation of fuel cell components at Eastmont Junior High School. This amendment will increase the not to exceed cost to $82,968. The increased cost is due to installation of heat exchanger coils, increased hourly wage in plumber’s union contract and installation of a conduit system. This work allows the District to site a fuel cell at the new Junior High School when it becomes feasible. (03-08)

Adjusted the monthly transfer to the Electric Distribution System’s Wells Hydroelectric Project Relicensing Fund. This resolution will increase the transfer amount from $14,090 to $34,030. (03-09)

Approved a modified memorandum of understanding with the Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission regarding the disposition of land formerly designated as Chief Joseph State Park. This approval will allow the District to purchase the Chief Joseph site and allow State Parks to develop an alternate site. (03-10)

Authorized a call for bids for gantry crane refurbishment for the Wells Hydroelectric Project. The two gantry cranes have been in operation since project construction in the mid 1960’s. Performance of the controls on the cranes has degraded over the last 35 years. These cranes are essential in day-to-day operations and maintenance of the Wells Hydroelectric Project. (03-11)

Established an administrative position of temporary electrical engineer for the Wells Hydroelectric Project. This position will take the place of the independent contractor’s agreement in assisting in-house engineers with several projects. (03-12)