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News Release - 12/2/2002

Douglas PUD Commission Meeting Report

Douglas County PUD Commissioners Lynn Heminger, Mike Doneen and Jim Davis executed the following actions during the December 2, 2002 Commission meeting held at the East Wenatchee Headquarters building:

Approved amending resolutions numbers 02-229 through 02-232 to reflect the correct period for annual payments on various wind testing lease and option agreements. The leases call for annual payments for a period of two years. (02-245)

Approved a change order for the contract with Asplundh Tree Expert Company. to supply Douglas PUD with tree trimming services. The changes cover additional tree trimming around the Wells reservoir and Bridgeport area. The cost of the additional trimming is $50,000, raising the total contract cost from $230,820 to $280,820. (02-246)

Authorized the negotiation of an agreement for professional electrical engineering services with Electrical Consultants, Inc. Of the 13 professional electrical engineering firms who submitted proposals, Electrical Consultant, Inc. is the firm best qualified to provide the required professional electrical engineering services. (02-247)

Authorized acceptance of a subdivision power facilities agreement for N. Plateau, Division II. The developer, Stimac Construction, has paid the Contribution in Aid of Construction and provided a secured funds account in the amount of $46,626. (02-248)

Approved the renewal of the business travel and accident insurance policy. The renewal premium of $8,260 reflects an increase of $340 from 2002 due to increased exposure. (02-249)

Extended the professional services agreement with QCL, Inc., of Ephrata, to provide Douglas PUD continued membership in the Public Agency Consortium. Douglas PUD participates in the consortium established by QCL Inc. to comply with the federally mandated Omnibus Transportation Act of 1991 regarding commercial driver’s licenses. This agreement with QCL will continue through 2003. (02-250)

Approved a professional services agreement with EES Consulting. Douglas PUD has a need for research, evaluation and economic analysis associated with the operation of the Wells Project. EES Consulting has developed considerable knowledge in this area and is capable of providing these expert services. (02-251)

Heard a presentation regarding the Wells Hydroelectric Project financial results for the Fiscal Year ended August 31, 2002. At that date, long-term debt owed by the Wells Project was at its lowest amount since the issuance of the first Wells Project Revenue Bonds in 1963.