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News Release - 5/6/2002

Douglas PUD Commission Meeting Report

Douglas County PUD Commissioners Lynn Heminger, Mike Doneen and Jim Davis executed the following actions during the May 6, 2002 Commission meeting held at the East Wenatchee Headquarters building:

Awarded Husky International Trucks of Seattle the contract to provide Douglas PUD with two cab and chassis vehicles. Husky International Trucks, with a bid price of $204,514, was the lowest responsive bidder.

Approved a change order to the building maintenance for the East Wenatchee headquarters facility contract with American Building Maintenance. This change order will extend the contract through June 30, 2002.

Authorized a call for bids to provide Douglas PUD with building maintenance for the East Wenatchee headquarters facility.

Dedicated Douglas PUD’s new Solar Generating Panels. Commission President Lynn Heminger gave the following speech to Douglas County Commissioners Mary Hunt and Ken Stanton, Douglas County Port District Manager Pat Haley, Douglas County Empire Press Publisher Donna Cassidy and Douglas PUD employees.

I would like to welcome you to this brief dedication ceremony for Douglas County PUD’s first experience with electricity generated with solar power. The photovoltaic panels you see behind me, mounted on top of our vehicle storage building, have a total capacity of 2.5 kilowatts. On an average day and with an average load this new power generation system will meet about 4 one-thousandths of a percent (.004%) of Douglas County’s electric needs. That doesn’t sound like very much. Viewed a different way, it is enough to meet the average needs of the building which supports it. In fact, some of the time it will produce more electricity than the current needs of this building. At those times, the power will flow onto the electric distribution grid.

Douglas County PUD is dedicated to its purpose of providing reliable and cost effective electric power to the people of Douglas County. The Wells Hydroelectric Project, which Douglas PUD has operated since 1967, is the standard for environmentally sound production of hydropower. As most of you know, Douglas PUD is aggressively investigating the possibility of wind power in Douglas County. And now, Douglas PUD has added solar power to its generating portfolio.

On Thursday, April 25th, we started generating electricity from the sun. Although this is a small generating resource for Douglas PUD, it serves several important purposes. First, it demonstrates the District’s commitment to providing electricity for Douglas County from a mix of renewable resources. This project will also give Douglas PUD a first-hand understanding of the economics of solar power. Finally, having access to this equipment provides valuable training for Douglas PUD personnel. With you gathered here as witnesses, and on behalf of the Board of Commissioners I hereby dedicate the new Douglas PUD photovoltaic generating system as a demonstration of our commitment to clean, renewable, electric power.

Following this brief gathering, Commissioners Mike Doneen, Jim Davis and I will be touring the newly completed warehouse and transformer shop. As our county’s population and electric system has grown, we have seen a need to expand the facilities that allow our crews to perform necessary work for the people of Douglas County. The multi-phase warehouse expansion project began when the District purchased property in anticipation of expansion in August 1988. Work began in 1995 when the warehouse dock was expanded. Since then, considerable drainage and leveling site work was done to make the property usable, the vehicle storage building was added in 1998, the crew facilities and meter shop in 1999, and now the warehouse expansion and transformer shop are completed. Only one phase remains in the original expansion vision. The covered transformer storage will be completed this year. As Commissioners, we are proud to have a hand in providing adequate facilities and equipment for the employees of Douglas PUD to do their jobs.

Douglas PUD employees demonstrate daily commitment to service for the people of our county. As Commissioners, we hear the stories about the work you employees do from the Manager, but we also hear from our neighbors, Douglas PUD customers, some we know and some we have just met. Our customers are pleased with your effort and dedication to providing low-cost reliable electric service. We Commissioners thank you employees for your continuous efforts toward these goals of Douglas PUD.

Thank you very much for joining us today.