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News Release - 3/5/2001

Douglas PUD Commission Meeting Report

The following is a report of the Douglas County Public Utility District Commission meeting that was held on March 5, 2001.

The Commissioners opened bids to provide Douglas PUD with miscellaneous conduit, vaults, electrical, and concrete work for the period ending March 31, 2002. Only one bid was received for the contract. It was received from McCandlish Electric, Inc. and in the amount of $262,766. Estimated at a cost $367,688, the McCandlish bid will be evaluated by Douglas PUD staff prior to any recommendation. Necessary for projected distribution underground projects, this call for bids is not to exceed $400,000 and contains a renewal option for an additional year.

The acceptance of all ADSS fiber optic cable received from Graybar Electric Company by Douglas PUD was approved by the Commission. All materials that were required in the contract with Graybar have been delivered, inspected, and determined to be in compliance with the bid specifications. The total of $215,490.93 will be paid to Graybar for the cable.

An application that will provide Douglas PUD the ability to offer long-term care insurance to employees and retirees was reviewed and approved by the Commission. The insurance offer will be presented on a voluntary, self-pay basis and informational meetings will be conducted for employees and retirees to receive further information regarding the insurance offer.

A professional services agreement with Century 21 Valley North to provide for the management of Douglas PUD owned rental properties was also approved by the Commissioners. The local firm has satisfactorily provided these services in the past and this agreement will provide for a continuation of those services for Douglas County PUD.

The Commissioners deferred a previously approved rate increase that was to become effective April 1, 2001. Manager Bill Dobbins explained that since Douglas County PUD has a reasonable amount of surplus energy, no foreseeable purchased power expenses, and adequate working capital, the previously approved rate increase could be deferred for an additional year. This marks the fifth year in succession the previously approved rate increase has been deferred. It will be considered again in 2002.

Rate reductions that are to be paid by wholesale providers using the Douglas County Community Network (DCCN) were approved by the Commissioners. The mileage fee for dark fiber was reduced from $27.50 per fiber/per mile/per month to $17.50. Broadband access connections were reduced from $1875.00 to $625.00 for each block of 25 users. Further information on these new DCCN rates as well as all Douglas County PUD power rates can be located at www.douglaspud.org.