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News Release - 2/12/2001

Douglas PUD Commission Meeting Report

The following is a report of the Douglas County Public Utility District Commission meeting that was held on February 12, 2001.

The Commissioners recognized Commissioner Mike Doneen as a recent recipient of the American Public Power Association’s Honor Roll. In making the presentation, Manager Bill Dobbins stated that the Honor Roll award is given to those individuals making local contributions to public power. Doneen has over 36 years of continuous service as a Commissioner for Douglas County PUD and as such holds the distinction as being the most senior public utility commissioner in the State of Washington.

A call for bids was authorized by the Commission to provide Douglas PUD with miscellaneous conduit, vaults, electrical and concrete work. Necessary for projected distribution underground projects, this call for bids is not to exceed $400,000 and is scheduled to be in effect until March 31, 2002. The bid document also contains a renewal option for an additional year.

The Commission extended the janitorial agreement with ARE-SEAS Maintenance covering Douglas County PUD’s Bridgeport Headquarters office building and warehouse for the remainder of 2001. The local firm has been providing this service to Douglas PUD for many years.

All work performed by Bremmer Construction at the Peninsula Park, Pateros, Washington was accepted by the Commissioners. As a requirement of the PUD’s FERC license, certain improvements were made to that facility as part of a Recreation Action Plan that had been prepared by the PUD. All work called for under the plan has been completed, inspected, and determined to be in compliance with all specifications of the agreement. The total price of the contract amounted to $136,415.

Broadband Networks, Inc. was declared the single source of supply by the Commission for video conferencing equipment at a cost of $31,640. Douglas County PUD is a member of the NoaNet communications network that will be used to link various entities throughout the state via high-speed fiber connections. Broadband Networks, Inc. is the only firm offering a system that is compatible with all of the other NoaNet members.

A professional services agreement with GeoEngineers, Inc. for computerized tracking of Land Department activities and inventories regarding the Wells Hydroelectric Project was authorized. GeoEngineers presented one of 13 submittals for the agreement. Subsequent to evaluation of all proposals, staff recommended GeoEngineers, Inc. be awarded the geographical information system (GIS) planning and development services contract in the maximum amount of $100,000.

The Commissioners authorized a professional services agreement with DeGross Aerial Mapping, Inc. for the aerial photography of the Wells Hydroelectric Project. This agreement is necessary for the evaluation of erosion on the Okanogan River as well as the collection of data needed for the GIS. Ten responses for the contract were evaluated after which staff recommended DeGross. The contract is not to exceed $300,000.

Biosonics, Inc. was declared the single source of supply by the Commission for a professional services agreement for the year 2001 hydroacoustic monitoring at the Wells Hydroelectric Project. At a cost that is not to exceed $75,000, Biosonics is the only firm with the equipment and sampling techniques needed for the automated sampling system that is in use at the Wells Project. Hydroacoustic monitoring provides an index of the progress of juvenile salmon migration through the project and that information is necessary to the operation of the Wells Dam bypass system.