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News Release - 6/5/2000

Douglas PUD Commission Meeting Report

The following is a report of the Douglas County Public Utility District Commission meeting that was held on June 5, 2000.

The Commissioners opened bids to provide Douglas PUD with a 4 X 4 backhoe loader and 20-ton tilt trailer. There were three bids submitted for the equipment with bid prices ranging from $68,284 to $74,645. The costs for the equipment were estimated at $80,000 for a new unit and $73,000 for used equipment that meets or exceeds the bid requirements. All of the quotes offered were for new equipment only. The lowest quote was received from N.C. Machinery Company of Wenatchee. District staff will now review all of the bids prior to a recommendation of award. Provided for in the 2000 budget, this new trailer and backhoe will be used by the District’s Bridgeport crew.

Bids to provide Douglas PUD with asphalt repair and installation for the period of June 12, 2000 to May 31, 2001 were opened by the Commission. Two bids were received for the contract with quotes of $96,000 and $135,000. The lowest quote was received from Morrill Asphalt Paving Company of Wenatchee but both bids will be reviewed prior to award. The contract was estimated at $126,500. The asphalt agreement is needed for repairs and asphalt installation that is sometimes necessary during the construction or maintenance of underground or overhead power lines.

All work performed by VanTran Industries, Inc. for supplying and delivering the second transformer for use at the Waterville Substation was recommended by staff for approval. PUD personnel have inspected the transformer and determined that all conditions of the contract with VanTran have been satisfactorily fulfilled. The Commission approved the staff recommendation. The total price of this transformer was $81,000 plus sales tax.