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News Release - 3/13/2000

Douglas PUD Commission Meeting Report

The following is a report of the Douglas County Public Utility District Commission meeting that was held on March 13, 2000.

The Commissioners authorized Douglas County PUDs participation in the development of a journeyman high-voltage training facility by the Northwest Public Power Association (NWPPA). The new facility will be situated at the present HAMMER site in Richland, Washington. This facility will provide for the training of journeyman line workers. Douglas PUD has agreed to the initial funding of the project as one of four investors who will provide a total of $400,000 over the next two years. The amount of $50,000 will be provided from each participating utility in 2000 and another $50,000 during 2001. The NWPPA will repay these initial investments to the participants from income received as program revenues. Additionally, the four participating utilities will always receive a twenty-five percent discount on training at the new facility.

The new administrative position of Distribution Contract Coordinator was established by the Commission. The person filling this position will be responsible for overseeing the quality control and productivity of the various contractors working for Douglas County PUD. Mr. Ronald Duncan, Jr. has been approved to fill the position.

The governor system is used to control the generator operating parameters and other essential functions at Wells Dam and is critical to those operations. Essential spare parts for maintenance of the governors must be on hand and available to assure continued operations at the project. Since a complete list of essential spare parts is available only from Sulzer USA, Inc., the Commission approved a sole source purchase for spare governor parts from Sulzer with the amount not to exceed $119,192.

The District is conducting a new protocol to reduce fish stress prior to the release of chinook into the Okanogan River. This new protocol needs to be tested and the firm of Biomark Inc. has assisted Douglas PUD with releasing, tagging, and detection studies in the past. The firm will also be on site performing similar functions regarding another study. The Commissioners declared Biomark, Inc. the single source of supply for a professional services agreement for fish protocol testing. The cost of the agreement is not to exceed $11,000.