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News Release - 3/6/2000

Douglas PUD Commission Meeting Report

The following is a report of the Douglas County Public Utility District Commission meeting that was held on March 6, 2000.

The Commissioners authorized a call for bids to provide Douglas County PUD with a small aerial manlift bucket truck. The purchase of this vehicle was provided for in the 2000 budget. This smaller type bucket truck will replace the East Wenatchee service truck that is used to maintain and install various customer services, street lights, and similar functions.

The Districts habitat conservation plan and long term settlement agreement both require that survival studies are to be conducted at the Wells Hydroelectric Project. It is important that these studies maintain identical physiological sampling and release activities with similar studies that were conducted during prior years. The firm of LGL Limited assisted in the studies during 1998 and 1999. LDL Limited performed well during those years using knowledgeable scientists and fish-handling expertise. For these reasons, District staff has recommended the contract for 2000 be presented to LGL Limited. The Commission declared LGL Limited the sole source for a professional services agreement to provide Douglas PUD with physiological sampling and fish release services for 2000. That agreement is not to exceed $52,000.

Two Hydrolab sensors are being used at the Wells Hydroelectric Project to monitor total dissolved gas. This monitoring is critical to understanding the water conditions as they relate to fish passage. These sensors need to be cleaned and calibrated during the monitoring season. Douglas County PUD has received a proposal for those cleaning and calibrating services from Mr. John Lemons and Mr. Mark Gunter. Both of these individuals have worked for the Corps of Engineers in this capacity and are well qualified to perform the service. The Commissioners approved a professional services agreement with Mr. Lemons and Mr. Gunter for dissolved gas sensor calibration and cleaning for the Wells Hydroelectric Project. The contract for this year is not to exceed $8,080.