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News Release - 1/31/2000

Douglas PUD Commission Meeting Report

The following is a report of the Douglas County Public Utility District Commission meeting that was held on January 31, 2000.

The Commissioners deferred a previously approved rate increase that was to become effective April 1, 2000 until April 1, 2001. Manager Bill Dobbins explained that the District staff has recommended the rate deferral for another year since the 1998-1999 water year was above average and provided the Douglas PUD with good non-firm energy sales. In addition, the 2000 water year is forecasted to be about 110% of average. The present rates are $.23 per day plus $.0176 per kWh plus $1.00 per kilowatt of demand in excess of 50 kilowatts. The deferred rates that will now become effective April 1, 2001 will establish the General Service Rates at $.263 per day plus $.0185 per kWh plus $1.00 per kilowatt of demand in excess of 50 kilowatts. In addition, comparable changes would be made to the Irrigation and Street Lighting Rate Schedules.

Four firms had previously presented bids for the contract to provide the District with excavating services for the Wells Hydroelectric Project for 2000 and 2001. Prices for the agreement ranged from $181,205 to $242,060; the lowest bid being received from Carter Excavation. Carter was recommended for the award subsequent to staff evaluation of all bids. The Commission agreed with the staff recommendation and awarded the contract to Carter.

Don Wright’s Lawn Service has received the contract for the grounds maintenance of all Douglas PUD properties for several years. A recent call for bids received only one quote that being from Wrights, and it was in the amount of $221,321.75. Estimated to cost $229,000, the Wrights bid was recommended for award by District staff. The Commissioners agreed and awarded the contract for 2000 and 2001 accordingly.