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News Release - 9/7/1999

Douglas PUD Commission Meeting Report

The following is a report of the Douglas County Public Utility District Commission meeting which was held on September 7, 1999.

The commissioners opened three bids for the installation of fiber optic cable running from the Sun Cove area of Douglas County to the Wells Hydroelectric Project. With prices ranging from $510,027.35 to $823,440.95 and an estimate of $842,022, all bids will be evaluated prior to recommendation by District staff for award.

Douglas County PUD has determined a need to improve its electrical distribution mapping and work order systems. After the evaluation and investigation by District personnel of several firms offering these systems, CanMap was selected as the most qualified and responsive. The commissioners authorized the negotiation for a professional services agreement with CanMap Systems.

Effective August 1, 1999, the Washington legislature authorized electric utilities serving qualifying rural areas the authorization to establish a rural economic development revolving fund. These funds are to be used in disadvantaged areas of certain counties, including Douglas County. The commissioners approved the creation of an electric utility rural economic development revolving fund for Douglas County. The fund is intended to stimulate job development and business growth in rural areas. With the Douglas County Public Utility Board of Commissioners serving as the local board that will oversee the program, the first year fund availability will be $50,000. A participation incentive for Douglas PUD is an annual tax credit of up to $25,000.

There have been significant losses to steelhead in the rearing ponds of the Wells Fish Hatchery for many years. These losses are due mainly to predation by mergansers, herons, ducks, and seagulls. The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) is the only entity mandated by Congress to handle wildlife damage problems such as this throughout the country. The commissioners approved an agreement that will provide for 40 hours of hazing per week from September 13, 1999 through May 5, 2000. This single source of supply for the Wells Fish Hatchery has a cost of $33,454.