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News Release - 6/14/1999

Douglas PUD Commission Meeting Report

The following is a report of the Douglas County Public Utility District Commission meeting which was held on June 14, 1999.

The Commissioners opened bids to provide Douglas PUD with ADSS (All Dielectric Self Supporting) fiber optic cable for use in the distribution system. There were seven bids received with prices ranging from $148,031 to $189,655. The apparent low bid was received from Graybar Electric of Spokane, Washington. The contract was estimated to cost $194,000. All bids will be evaluated by District staff prior to recommendation for award.

Each year certain items or materials are declared surplus to Douglas PUD needs. Presented a current list of such items, the Commissioners declared them surplus and authorized the sale of those items by Northwest Auction Services. The items include 2 vehicles, an electric forklift truck, 2 electric carts, a boat, motor and trailer, postage machine, outboard motor, and an Epson printer, to name a few. The auction is scheduled for Saturday, June 26th.

Douglas PUD recently took possession of a new small aerial manlift bucket truck. The vehicle has been inspected and approved by District staff. The Commissioners approved final payment to Altec Industries, Inc., the supplier. The truck was purchased at a cost of $64,995.

Bids opened at the regular Commission meeting of June 7th revealed that the Troutdale, Oregon firm of Hawkeye Construction, Inc. had provided the lowest, responsive bid to install fiber optic cable. The Commissioners approved awarding that firm the contract for the work. The cable is to be installed from the Douglas Switchyard to the Orondo Substation and from the Orondo Substation to the Sun Cove area and the Waterville Substation. Estimated at a cost of $686,920, the Hawkeye bid amounted to $544,085.12. The other bids ran to a high of $974,953.60

The Charleroi, Pennsylvania firm of Alstom USA, Inc. was determined to have presented the lowest responsive bid to provide new power circuit breakers. Needed at the Douglas Switchyard and Wells Dam, the Commissioners approved the contract to install the power circuit breakers over the next 8 years at a cost of $1,444,070. Alstom was recommended for award subsequent to a review by District staff of all offers for the contract.

Air conditioning units have been determined to be necessary for the logic board/equipment rooms at the Wells Hydroelectric Project. Central Washington Heating of Wenatchee was judged to have presented the lowest responsive bid for the units at the opening on June 7th. The Commissioners approved the contract in the amount of $36,126.70. It had been estimated at $67,000.

A new power circuit breaker is needed for the Foster Creek Substation. Bids were opened on May 17th for the unit and Western States Electric, Inc. was recommended for award with their bid in the amount of $54,883. Estimated to cost $62,500, the Commissioners agreed and awarded the Portland, Oregon firm the contract.

Certain areas in the Pateros recreation facilities are in need of paint repairs. After going out for proposals, the Commissioners awarded the contract to Mike Dowell Painting. The Wenatchee firm had provided a proposal to do the work for the amount of $7,990. Mike Dowell Painting was determined to be qualified for the work with the bid being reasonable and below the Districts estimate for the project.

The Commissioners approved the operation and maintenance budget for the Methow Hatchery for the 1999-2000 budget year. The new budget is in the total amount of $500,658 which reflects a 2.7% increase over last years budget figures.

The regular commission meeting of June 21 had previously been canceled and the Commissioners cancelled the meeting of July 5th as well since the Commissioners will be attending the Northwest Public Power Associations Annual Conference at that time.