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News Release - 3/22/1999

Douglas PUD Commission Meeting Report

The following is a report of the Douglas County Public Utility District Commission meeting which was held on March 22, 1999.

Douglas County PUD had previously asked for bids for a new power circuit breaker for use in the Foster Creek Substation. The commissioners opened bids today and found the lower of the two received was in the amount of $63,000 and was from Mitsubishi of Warrendale, Pennsylvania. The estimate was $60,000 and both bids will be evaluated by District staff prior to recommendation for award.

Douglas PUD recently took possession of a 1998 aerial manlift bucket truck. The vehicle has been inspected and found to be complete with the required specifications and in good working order. The commissioners approved payment to Pacific Utility Equipment. Douglas PUD had recently gone out for bids for such a truck that could be either new or used. This used vehicle was utilized as a demonstrator by Pacific Utility Equipment and it had 3500 miles on it. Purchased for the price of $89,975, this truck was recommended by staff over a new one, saving Douglas PUD considerable cost. It has a line service body and warranty and will be placed into service out of the Bridgeport office.

Changing Directions had received the contract to provide traffic control flagging for Douglas PUD. That contract has expired and the work provided by Changing Directions was completed. The commissioners approved the payment of any remaining funds due the firm for their work. The agreement amounted to $63,323.31.

Douglas PUD has need for a new or used small aerial manlift bucket truck. This truck will provide for the maintenance and installation of customer services, streetlights, and fiber optic cable. The commissioners approved a call for bids for such a vehicle. Funds to purchase the truck were included in the current budget.

The commissioners declared Biosonics, Inc. the single source of supply for a professional services agreement for hydroacoustic monitoring at the Wells Hydroelectric Project. Biosonics is the only firm familiar with the equipment and sampling techniques of the automatic sampling system at Wells Dam. Hydroacoustic monitoring provides an index of the progress of the migration and is necessary to the operation of the Wells bypass system. The agreement with Biosonics is not to exceed $75,000 for the year.

The commissioners agreed to a call for bids to provide Douglas PUD with an agreement for the removal of predatory Northern Pikeminnow throughout the reservoir, forebay, and tailrace of the Wells Hydroelectric Project. An agreement issued last year for the same work proved very effective and PUD staff intends to obtain a similar agreement for 1999. Known to have a significant impact on the mortality rate of migrating juvenile salmon, the agreement will pay professional fishermen a bounty for each fish captured. All mainstem Snake and Columbia River dams conduct pikeminnow removal projects.