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News Release - 2/22/1999

Douglas PUD Commission Meeting Report

The following is a report of the Douglas County Public Utility District Commission meeting which was held on February 22, 1999.

Douglas PUD had requested quotes from 13 manufacturers and suppliers for the purchase of reclosers and regulators to be used in the construction a new substation in Waterville. The equipment is necessary to meet the existing and anticipated load growth in the Waterville area. Only one supplier responded with the proper equipment. The commissioners declared that supplier, Cooper Power Systems, as the only source meeting Douglas PUD specifications for those units. At a cost of $18,891.08 and $16,774.00, respectively, Douglas PUD ordered two reclosers and three regulators from Western States.

The local firm of ARE-SEAS Maintenance has been providing the janitorial service for Douglas PUDs Bridgeport Headquarters office building and warehouse for many years. The commissioners extended that agreement for another year with the terms remaining the same.

The commissioners authorized a call for bids to supply Douglas PUD with a new power circuit breaker for use in the Foster Creek Substation. The existing equipment is slow in operation, resulting in longer outages. The circuit breaker covers loads for Douglas PUD as well as Okanogan PUD. Funds for the purchase of the new beaker were included in the Wells 1998-1999 budget.