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News Release - 7/13/1998

Douglas PUD Commission Meeting Report

The following is a report of the Douglas County Public Utility District Commission meeting which was held on July 13th.

Shea Construction, Inc. had been awarded a contract for the third phase of the warehouse facilities improvements, construction of a vehicle storage building. The Spokane firm had submitted the lowest responsive bid of $747,000. After required changes, the amount was increased to $762,534.54, plus applicable taxes. The work has been completed, inspected, and found to be in compliance with the specifications. The Commissioners approved payment of the contract to Shea.

Douglas PUD, together with Chelan PUD, recently held the signing ceremony for the long-awaited Habitat Conservation Plan (HCP). The next course of business for the HCP is the preparation of a draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS). Parametrix, Inc. has been involved with the HCP and the PUDs for some time and has considerable background on the matter. Since this is a joint endeavor, and the EIS is needed by both utilities, the approximate $310,000 fee will be divided in half between Douglas and Chelan PUD. The EIS is necessary to the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) process, which is anticipated to take somewhere between 16 and 18 months to complete.

During 1997, one of the five transformers at the Wells Hydroelectric Project was in need of repairs. Asea Brown Boveria completed necessary repairs at a cost of approximately $110,000. Asea Brown Boveria was selected since it is the only capable and qualified contractor to perform the inspections and necessary work. That work will extend the useful life of the transformer for several more years. District staff has recommended performing the same work on two more of the transformers at Wells this year. Cost will again be approximately $110,000 each. The Commission gave their approval to proceed with the request.

Douglas PUD routinely has certain vehicles, materials, and lots that are surplus to the needs of the PUD. For many years, Douglas PUD has conducted its own sale of such items through the bidding process, but has recently used the services of a public auction. On June 27th, the Northwest Auction Service auctioned those vehicles, materials, and lots most recently determined to be surplus providing the PUD a net return of $54,041.85. The Commission gave formal acceptance of the sale.