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News Release - 6/22/1998

Douglas PUD Commission Meeting Report

The following is a report of the meeting of the Douglas County Public Utility District Commission, which was held on June 22nd.

When an employee reaches 20 years of service with the Douglas PUD, that employee receives an award in recognition of service from the Board of Commissioners. The same holds true with 25, 30 or more years. At the meeting of June 22nd, Jim Bich was honored for his service to the PUD for 30 years. Jim is a Microwave Technician for Douglas PUD, has worked at Wells Dam and currently, the East Wenatchee Headquarters. Commission President Jim Davis said thank-you on behalf of the citizens of Douglas County and praised Bich for his many years of dedicated service to the county. Jim said, It's been a good 30 years. It's real easy working with friends who make the job easier. I'm glad I was here.

In the regular course of business, Douglas PUD enters several contracts with various contractors. At this meeting, the contract to provide asphalt repairs and installation services was awarded to Basin Asphalt Paving. Also, a contract for crushed rock and bedding sand was awarded to C K Excavating, Inc. In both cases, bids were solicited from different contractors, and, subsequent to evaluation, District staff made recommendations. In both of these cases, neither agreement is to exceed $90,000 and both will expire on December 31, 1999.

The Commissioners declared LGL Limited the sole source of supply for telemetry studies for the Wells Hydroelectric Project at a cost not to exceed $53,000. Numerous studies in the past have shown a very high proportion of migrating fish use the main entrances to the fish ladders rather than side entrances to pass Wells Dam. Hydraulic monitoring shows that water flowing through the fish ladders produce considerable turbulence, perhaps causing fish delays. Additionally, fisheries agencies require that the water flowing in fish ladders be above design criteria possibly risking mechanical or structural failure to the ladders. Fish previously tagged for another study will be passing Wells Dam this summer presenting Douglas PUD an opportunity to monitor those fish. This will provide information regarding the effects the side gate closure has on passage through the ladders as well as through the collection gallery. LGL Limited is the only contractor with detailed experience in radio-telemetry studies needed for this testing at Wells Dam and similar studies throughout the Pacific Northwest. For these reasons, LGL Limited was approved as a sole source provider.

Douglas PUD recently requested proposals from various financial advisors for assistance regarding the anticipated issuance of revenue bonds in 1999 as well as other financing issues. From the four firms providing proposals, PUD staff recommended the firm of A. Dashen and Associates. The Commissioners agreed with the choice and authorized District staff to enter into negotiations with Dashen for the contract.

A legislative tour is scheduled for next week including Monday the 29th. Sponsored by the Washington Public Utility District's Association, this annual informational tour is designed for Washington State Legislators and the Governor's Policy Staff. To accommodate the timing of this year's tour, the regularly scheduled 2:00 p.m. Commission Meeting of June 29th in East Wenatchee will be held at 9:00 a.m. at Wells Dam. The Wells Hydroelectric Project will be included in the tour that day.