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News Release - 6/15/1998

Douglas PUD Commission Meeting Report

The following is a report of the meeting of the Douglas County Public Utility District Commission, which was held on June 15th.

One of the regular contracts that Douglas PUD enters into is an agreement for traffic control flagging. Flaggers are necessary to provide safety protection for our distribution crews and their equipment as they make needed repairs or construct new lines to serve our customers. Since the existing contract has ended, the Commissioners approved a call for bids for another. The new contract will run from July 1, 1998 through December 31, 1998 and cannot exceed $100,000.

From time to time Douglas PUD has items and materials that are surplus to its needs. These items and materials can be anything from used vehicles and office equipment to typewriters, tools, construction materials, vacuum cleaners, copiers, computer components, truck boxes, or whatever. To remove these items and materials from PUD ownership, Douglas PUD must go through a bidding process or furnish those items and materials to an auctioneer who will proceed to auction those items and materials on behalf of the PUD. Douglas PUD prepared a current surplus list and after reviewing that list, the Commissioners declared those items and materials surplus and directed PUD staff to sell them through Northwest Auction Services. The auction will be held on Saturday, June 27th at the Chelan County Road Department Shop in Sunnyslope. Many items other than those listed as surplus to Douglas PUD will be auctioned on that date. The time of the sale and the opportunity to see everything included in the auction will be well-advertised in local papers.

At the meeting of June 1st, the Commissioners agreed to a call for bids to provide the District with a northern squawfish removal program for the Wells Hydroelectric Project. Bids were requested from pre-qualified bidders stating an interest in such work. Only one bid for the contract was received and it was from Columbia Predator Control. Douglas PUD staff evaluated that bid to make certain the cost of the bid was within industry standards. Satisfied that it was, award of the contract to Columbia Predator Control was recommended and the Commission agreed. Work is to begin right away.

The Commissioners reviewed the 1997-1998 annual report from the North Central Educational Service District, NCESD. This was the 11th year for such an agreement between the District and NCESD. This program provides excellent science education about electric energy and has grown to include every kindergarten, second, and fourth grade student in Douglas County. Additionally, the science curriculum The Nature of Water Power was presented to all middle schools. During this school year, over 1500 grade school students received the science education in Douglas County. Through agreements between Douglas, Chelan, Okanogan, and Grant County PUDs and the NCESD over the eleven-year period, over 98,900 students have participated in these programs.