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News Release - 5/11/1998

Douglas PUD Commission Meeting Report

The following is a report on the latest meeting of the Douglas County Public Utility District Commission, which was held on May 11th.

This meeting was held in the Districts office in Bridgeport. Commissioners hold their regular commission meetings each Monday of every month. On the second Monday of each month, the meeting is scheduled to be held in the Bridgeport office.

The first item on the agenda was the presentation of a 30-year service award to the District Auditor, Frieda Malone. Frieda has served the District mainly from the Bridgeport office. She started as a clerk typist, spent 14 years as a meter reader, then progressed through accounting positions until appointment as Auditor. Commission President Jim Davis thanked Frieda for her many years of dedicated service to the customers of Douglas County. Its been a pleasure working for the District, she said. I am very proud of Douglas County PUD.

Douglas PUD belongs to different service organizations providing assistance in many areas. Two of these organizations are the Northwest Public Power Association and the Pacific Northwest Waterway Association. The Commissioners approved the continuation of membership in the NWPPA and PNWA for the year in the combined amount of $5,950.

It was noted that all commissioners will be out of town during the regularly scheduled commission meeting of May 25th. A motion was passed to cancel that meeting.

The Board of Commissioners from Okanogan County PUD had been invited to attend this Commission meeting in order to bring each other up-to-date on matters of mutual concern. Douglas PUD reviewed the Wells Dam habitat conservation plan through a presentation by Dr. Robert W. Clubb, the Districts Chief of Environmental and Regulatory Services. Shane Bickford, Fisheries Biologist, gave a slide show and video presentation concerning the Wells Dam pilot survival study. The Okanogan Commission reviewed that Districts service plan, including the rebuild of the Foster Creek to Brewster transmission line. Options for the construction of a 115 kv line to provide service to their customers in the Methow Valley were also presented. Time was also allowed for an open discussion of electric industry restructuring.