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News Release - 5/5/1998

Douglas PUD Commission Meeting Report

The following is a report on the latest meeting of the Douglas County Public Utility District Commission, which was held on May 5th.

Jane Hensel was at the meeting representing the Douglas County Museum which is located in Waterville. Jane thanked the commission for the mailing of the Museums recent newsletter. She also expressed her gratitude and anticipation for the Districts work regarding a new joint effort. Douglas PUD and the Douglas County Museum are working together to tell the story of public power as it relates to Douglas County. Working with the North Central Educational Service District, NCESD, the idea is to tell students of Douglas County the story through visits to the museum and the Districts Wells Dam Hydroelectric Project. The NCESD is writing the curriculum to be told at the museum while students tour that facility learning about their county history. Part of that history will be centered on some old style electric meters recovered from within the county. At this point students will become familiar with the first commercial electricity in the county and get an understanding of its uses in the beginning and how it affected the way we live. A ride to Wells Dam will follow where students will get an understanding of hydrogeneration together with their tour of the dam.

GTE Northwest, Inc. of Seattle had been awarded the contract for the supply and installation of fiber optic cable to be run between the Districts Foster Creek Substation and the Bridgeport office. District personnel inspected the work and materials then ran some tests. The tests were favorable and all work and materials complied with specifications for the work. GTE Northwest, Inc. will be paid $45,394.67 plus tax for their work and materials.

A test will better determine where adult sockeye salmon are spawning in the Okanogan River once they pass the Districts Wells Dam. There has been concern that in some cases, only 50% of the run has been accounted for in the Okanogan. The District has run similar tests in the past using Lotek Engineering radio tags. This new test will again use Lotek tags since they work with equipment the District already has. A requirement of our Long Term Fish Settlement, an agreement with Lotek was approved to purchase the tags for the amount of $9,650.

Occasionally it is in the Districts best interests for our commissioners to meet with the commissioners of other PUD Districts. Such is the case now and a joint meeting with the PUD Commissioners of Okanogan County is scheduled for May 11th at 1:30 p.m. in Bridgeport. Electric industry restructuring, fish issues, or other matters of mutual concern can be discussed.