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News Release - 3/2/1998

Douglas PUD Commission Meeting Report

The following is a report on the latest meeting of the Douglas County PUD Commission which was held on March 2nd.

The Commissioners passed a resolution which will allow the PUD to have a professional video person on call to do certain work for the District. There are times during the year when it is beneficial to have a video made for documenting or videotaping certain projects. Badger Mountain Productions had done some of this work for the PUD in the past and had done a good job. The East Wenatchee firm now has an agreement with the PUD to work on projects when asked with a contract spelling out the details like insurance requirements, hourly rates, and the like.

Morrill Asphalt Paving Company of Wenatchee was working under a contract for the PUD during 1997 to install and repair asphalt paving. All of the work required of Morrill during the year was completed, inspected, and found to be satisfactory. District staff reported this information and requested that Morrill be paid in full. The Commission approved the payment noting that the contract for the year amounted to $27,648.

There are two pumps at the Wells Dam Hydroelectric Project that are used to unwater the dam when necessary. A recent inspection of the pumps found that one of them was "frozen". Since Byron-Jackson is the only authorized service center for the Flowserve pumps, and therefore the only supplier of parts necessary to repair, Byron-Jackson was declared the "single source" of supply for parts and repair of the pump. The cost quoted to make the repairs was $6,605.

Mid-Columbia steelhead have recently been listed as endangered. Steelhead are raised at the Wells Dam Hatchery. Each year, it is estimated that up to 50% of the young fish are lost to mergansers, herons, ducks and gulls feeding at the hatchery. The District hired the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) to haze birds that fed on fish at Wells in 1996 and 1997. This action greatly reduced the loss of juvenile steelhead. The USDA is the only entity that has the necessary permits for lethal shooting, if necessary, of these birds. The Commission declared the USDA the single source of supply for bird hazing at Wells Dam and awarded the agency a contract in the amount of $29,140. The contract runs from September 14, 1998 to May 8, 1999.

The meeting was recessed so the Douglas PUD Commissioners could meet with Commissioners of Grant and Chelan PUD tomorrow. A meeting was called for the three commission groups to meet jointly in regular session at the Four Seasons Inn in East Wenatchee at noon. A review of the status of the mid-Columbia Habitat Conservation Plan was on the agenda.