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News Release - 5/12/2014

Douglas PUD Commission Meeting Report

Douglas County PUD Commissioners Lynn Heminger, Ron Skagen and Jim Davis executed the following actions during the May 12, 2014 Commission meeting held at the District's East Wenatchee office:

Authorized an Interlocal Cooperative Agreement with the Town of Mansfield for operation of the Withrow Water System.  Necessary due to recent Department of Health certification changes. (14-054)

Approved a call for bids under bid document 14-09-D, provide traffic control services. Flagging services are necessary on a regular basis for Distribution System construction work along roadways. (14-055)

Authorized acceptance of work and final payment to Cerium Networks under contract 13-14-W, PBX Upgrade. All work under the contract has been completed and determined to meet the bid specifications. (14-056)

Approved amendment No. 1 to Professional Service Agreement 13-03-W with Erlandsen and Associates. This will increase the scope of the agreement  to include the engineering and construction support services for the Carpenter Island Boat Launch and Methow Boat launch dredging. This amendment will increase the not to exceed limit $150,000 for a total not to exceed amount of $900,000. (14-057)

Approved a one-year agreement with Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife for the operation of hatchery programs. (14-058)

Authorized the 2014-2015 hatchery operation and maintenance budgets for the Wells and Methow hatcheries and the white sturgeon program at Wells Hatchery of $1,148,446, $618,024 and $51,611 respectively. (14-059, 14-060)

Approved participation in the Mid-Columbia Hourly Coordination 2014 Budget.  Grant PUD, acting as Hourly Coordination Central, provides services for the coordination of power generation for the Mid-Columbia PUDs. (14-061)

Approved a professional service agreement with the Colville Confederated Tribes for 2014 Archaeological Monitoring for the Wells Hydroelectric Project. The Historic Properties Management Plan requires annual archaeological monitoring at forty four high priority archaeological sites for a period of five years. This agreement shall not exceed $47,180 and will conclude February 1, 2015. (14-062)

Authorized execution of intent to grant easement agreement and easements with Global Ag Properties USA, LLC. Necessary for the Carpenter Island Boat Launch project. (14-063)

Approved an Amended and Restated Agreement Limiting Liability Among Western Interconnected Systems. This will remove the insurance provisions. (14-064)

Authorized a call for bids under bid document No 14-07-W, furnish and install East Wenatchee Headquarters standby diesel generator.  The District has a need to install a standby diesel generator and replace the uninterruptable power supply. This will improve reliability of electrical and control systems critical to District operations. (14-065)

The next meeting of the Commission is scheduled for 1:30 p.m. TUESDAY, May 27, 2014 at the District's Bridgeport office.